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  3. Cardi B's enormous comforter train might have left you with the urge to ask her to smother you with it, but the Thom Browne gown's subtler accents celebrating the female form are also not to be missed.

    The pillowy dress was topped with a Daenerys-worthy bejeweled breastplate and puffs of feathers on each shoulder. In turn, her bejeweled tits were topped with 44-carat ruby nipples that each cost more than an undergraduate degree at Stanford or a midtown condo, cashing in at $250,00 per nip. Because Cardi, who's been a Met Gala winner two years in a row now, is worth it.

    Here's a closer look:

    The ruby nips were specially designed for Cardi's gown by Stéfère jeweler Corina Mihaila Larpin. Larpin also contributed a couple of rings to Janelle Monáe's winking ensemble and Zendaya's Cinderella choker, according to Page Six.

    Cardi's gown also featured glinting patches of gems over her vagina, belly button, and behind.

    The rapper intended the jeweled accents to put a feminist spin on Camp. "The inspiration behind it was feminism, you know, this reflects the woman's body. You got the booty, vajayjay, and if you see my back it's like "booty." she told Vogue's Liza Koshy. The period-red color and fleshy, muscular look to sectioned cloth all add up, with her mission to celebrate the female body in mind.

    "And then of course camp! You know what I'm saying? We were really trying to make sure it was elegant, extravagant, but not too Halloweenish, you know what I'm saying?" she added. Mission accomplished.

    Photos via Getty

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